A Call to Wear Your Blue Shirt and Button

We are currently working to negotiate Contracts that provide comparable gains with our Rutgers and CWA brothers and sisters. While the Union cannot promise that we will achieve what Rutgers or CWA achieved, our Local negotiators and all those at the bargaining tables promise that we are committed to negotiating Contracts that provide meaningful, significant salary increases and protection of worker rights.

In order to achieve these gains, the Executive Board of our Local needs your help.  We need to show solidarity and support for what the Union is working to achieve.  We are asking you to join us in the following symbolic but important actions:

  • Wear your AFT blue t-shirt or carry it at all meetings where administrators are present (i.e. Enrollment and Budget, Senate, Chairs’ Meetings with Deans and/or Provost; any and all meetings where management is present)
  • Wear the Local 1796 “No Contract: Still Working, Always Caring” button in class so that students will make inquiries about what it means.  Spend a few minutes of class time explaining what is going on regarding our Contract status.
  • Attend AFT General Meetings and wear or carry the AFT blue t-shirt (and the button).
  • At the bottom of your email, add the following language to mirror the button:

AFT Faculty and Staff Working
Without a Contract

*Still Working
*Always Caring

Please show your support by engaging in the aforementioned symbolic actions.  Please note that other Locals are also engaging in similar symbolic actions.

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