Local 1796 Wins Significant PERC Case

Our Local’s grievances team has achieved a significant victory in a PERC case related to the recent layoffs at William Paterson. Sue Tardi, Chriss Williams, and Giuliana Andreopoulos requested information from Allison Boucher-Jarvis, V.P. for Human Resources, regarding all internal communications involving discussions of the layoffs. They were informed that no such information existed. The team then contacted CNJSCL President Tim Haresign and Staff Representatives Bruce Howard and Anthony Giardullo, requesting that the issue be brought to Council attorney Kevin McGovern. Another request was made to VP Boucher-Jarvis, who then stated that the information was “privileged.” Attorney McGovern filed a PERC case, and after months of postponements, the case was heard and resolved in favor of the Union. Upon reviewing the documents, the PERC Hearing Officer determined that the documents were not privileged and had to be provided to the Union.

Read the Hearing Examiner’s filing

This victory is not only significant for Union leadership but is also crucial for the victims of the layoffs awaiting arbitration, as well as for our members and the principles of unionism as a whole!

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