Message from President Susanna Tardi, Ph. D.

Dear Colleagues:


In May 2020 I will have had the pleasure of serving as your president for 18 consecutive years.   I am grateful for the confidence you have shown in me, and for the support you have continually provided.   Our Local is one of the strongest in the Council of NJ State College Locals. Our members care about protecting worker rights, but care equally about our students, and the importance of maintaining academic quality in higher education.

William Paterson University is a microcosm of the larger society.  At this point in time in our nation and our State, we are confronting numerous challenges including the following: the Supreme Court Janus decision which is a direct attempt to weaken if not destroy Unions, diminished shared governance, inadequate state funding for public four-year colleges/universities, the out-of-state migration of college students, declining enrollment, reduction in the support for Assigned Released Time (ART), threat of furloughs, and even job loss, As our student population increases in diversity, we need to do all that is necessary to maintain the quality minority faculty and staff already employed, and increase the diversity of our faculty and staff regarding future hires.

We negotiated a Contract that provided meaningful across the board cost of living increases (2%), and the highest increase ever achieved for adjunct faculty, but also left a number of issues to local negotiations.  There is a critical need to maintain good working relationships with our WP administration, as well as our NJ democratic Governor and State and Assembly legislators.

A Union is only as strong as its leadership and most importantly, its membership. I am grateful to the Union Executive Board (Gazzillo Diaz, M. Martin, Crick, Avdeev, Matthews, Selke, Joachim, and Vicari) for their dedication and collaboration.  I am particularly grateful to all our Union members who work to keep our Local strong. With your continued support, we can maintain the strength of our Local and its strength in the Council of NJ State College Locals.

Susanna Tardi