AFT Local 1796 Buttons Are Now Available

We distributed our new AFT Local 1796 buttons at our September 19th general meeting. If you weren’t able to attend, please stop by the AFT office in Grant Hall #233 or contact the office at to make arrangements to pick one up.

Together, let’s make it known that even when we’re working without a contract, we’re always doing right by our students.

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2023-2024 Professional Staff Representatives

9/19/23 UPDATE: The second and final round of nominations for the three (3) Professional Staff representatives to the AFT Local 1796 Council has concluded. Because we received three nominations for the three available positions, an election will not be held. The 2023-2024 Professional Staff Reps are Stephanie Kuran, Steven Colon and Theresa Bivaletz. Congratulations!

The duties/responsibilities of the Professional Staff Representative include:
1. Attend the General & Local Council Meetings held the third Tuesday of each month during common hour for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters (a total of eight meetings).
2. Disseminate relevant information from those meetings to professional staff on campus.

Please see our Rosters page for Local 1796’s full list of representatives.

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Faculty Mentoring Pilot Program Agreement

Our Local has reached an agreement with the Administration on the Faculty Mentoring Pilot Program for the 2023-2024 academic year. Read the full Memorandum of Agreement.

Highlights of what we negotiated:

  • Mentors will be compensated 0.125 credits for participating in the 5/23/23 workshop and for any additional workshops thereafter in preparation for the Fall 2023 pilot launch
  • Mentors will be provided at least two weeks advance notice of additional workshops
  • Mentorship during the pilot period will generally not exceed 20 hours per semester
  • Mentors will not be responsible for degree audit reviews
  • Mentors’ responsibilities in Navigate are limited rather than extensive
  • Faculty mentorship will be counted toward department, college, and university service
  • Faculty mentorship will be taken into serious consideration during retention, promotion, range-adjustment, and post-tenure review process

We encourage you to read the MOA for complete details.

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Important Message to Take Action!

Dear AFTNJ members:

For the past two years, William Paterson University (WP), a majority minority-serving university, has faced a financial crisis that resulted in two rounds of employee layoffs, department and program restructuring, and program eliminations. Additional economic support from state or federal funds is desperately needed to help stabilize our university, maintain quality faculty and staff, and protect academic integrity. Without this support, WP students will confront increases in tuition that they and their families cannot sustain.

With time running out on finalizing New Jersey’s fiscal year 2024 budget, we must act now. By clicking here and entering your name and address, then tapping the start writing button, you will automatically be ready to connect with the representatives in your district. From there, you can customize a letter requesting funding for WP (or you can send the letter as it is worded).

Please take a minute to send a message informing your state representatives about the important role William Paterson plays in the Wayne and Paterson communities and its importance to our state’s higher education system.

Click here to send your letter today.

AFT Local 1796 and the WP community appreciate your support.

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Local 1796 Attends Rally at NJCU

Members of AFT Local 1796 attended the rally at NJCU on March 13, 2023, for Local 1839. NJCU is experiencing a significant financial crisis due in no small part to persistent state underfunding! Minority-serving institutions such as NJCU and William Paterson University need greater financial support by the state so they can continue to serve their diverse student bodies.

Milton Eng, Sue Tardi and Chriss Williams

Chriss Williams, Sue Tardi and Ceasar Castro

Council President Tim Haresign and AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera

AFT Local 1839 President Barbara Hildner

AFT President Randi Weingarten

Let’s continue to fight for increased state funding of minority-serving institutions by tagging Governor Murphy on Twitter/Instagram (@GovMurph) #FundNJCU

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